Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Engine - Update 3

Since the last post, the size of our group has diminished.  Travis has decided to pursue other hobbies.  Duncan has acknowledged he will miss the Road Atlanta race due to family issues.  That leaves only three of us.  We are actively recruiting additional drivers.

We expect to have the engine installation finished this weekend.  We are currently installing a new temperature gauge that will give us a more precise reading during our races.  Considering we've had some overheating issues twice now, the gauge along with the new radiator should help to improve our reliability.  The new sensor for the gauge was sort of holding up installation of the old intake manifold onto the new engine.  But that is almost complete.

- Install intake manifold
- Attach intake piping
- Plug in passenger side fuel injectors
- Add engine oil
- Start it up and make sure it runs
- Check compression
- Install exhaust downpipe along with new muffler
- Install fire new supression system
- Install ventilation tube
- Add tranny fluid
- Change oil & filter
- Check wheel bearings
- Bleed brakes
- Add new temp gauge