Monday, March 3, 2014

New Engine - Update 4

Our enormous group of fans has been clamoring for an update.  Sorry for the lack of posts.  As you're probably noticed by now, we are consistently inconsistent with our chump updates.

We did not make it to the Road Atlanta race in February.  This was partially because we had some initial troubles with the engine installation.  We finally got it running right after fixing some wacky ignition timing issues.  The other problem was drivers.  With the later cancellations from Travis and Duncan, we were scrambling around to find alternate drivers.  Pretty much any kind of racing is popular, people are always eager to get seat time.  There's a famous quote that goes
"Racing makes heroin addiction look like a vague wish for something salty." (Peter Egan)
But it's not as simple as just grabbing a random guy.  Chump has fairly strict requirements on safety gear, so in some cases guys who have experience doing track events would have to fork out several hundred dollars to buy gear.  Also, we certainly have a few qualms about putting just anybody in our car.  Yes, these are $500 race cars... but that's before spending hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on roll cages, tires, brakes, engines, and safety equipment.  This is an investment we're eager to protect.

So the new engine is in, and it runs, but we have more work to do in order to finish it up.  We are also in the middle of installing the fire suppression system.

The next race we are shooting for is the 24hr race at Virginia International Raceway in late August.  More to come!