Monday, September 3, 2012

The show goes on

To end the whining about no one else updating the blog, I'll jump in and give this a shot. We've had some good progress since our last update:

Motor going back in, Z-car practicing wheelie stance

The Studcruiser has roared back to life with the installation of it's freshened up mean green powerplant


The wiring harness was completely reworked removing all unnecessary circuits and repairing all of the previous owner's 'repairs' we shall say. The engine requires only a handful of sensors to run and the 6 injectors plugged in (it runs batchfire so it really doesn't even matter which injector you plug in to each wire lol) All the usual maintenance items replaced; fuel injectors and rail cleaned, new intake manifold gaskets, valve cover gaskets, throttle body gasket, oil pan gasket, water pump, timing belt, front main seal, rear main seal, and probably some other stuff I forgot. The vacuum system has been whittled down to a meager 4 hoses. One from the FPR to intake manifold, one from intake manifold to brake booster, and two crankcase vacuum lines pulling vacuum from the intake manifold and intake pipe. Transmission was cleaned up and reinstalled with the motor and a new factory clutch assembly as well. Of course it wasn't complete without a personal touch of flare compliments of some Autozone engine enamel ;)

We managed to pick up a schwanky set of wheels, dare I say these may be too nice for chump duty, but damn they look good on the Z
Factory evo BBS 17" @ 17lbs a piece shod in a Tiawan special, Federal 595's in 245/40/17.  These will serve auto-x and track day duty. May go with some sticky star specs for competition.......everyone knows how much I love some sticky rubber....mmmmmm....sticky......

As always, something's gotta provide some woah for all the go that 3.0's gonna put out
Z32 brakes! All aluminum 4-piston calipers gripping on 11" rotors, add a set of race pads with good fluid and we'll be stopping this beast on a dime.

Front suspension has been rebuilt with new bushings and oem kyb shocks. Rear suspension is awaiting reassembly onto the car, but we are certainly close to putting the studcruiser back on the road for her maiden voyage and hopefully soon an auto-x!! Right now the plan is to put her through an auto-x and some covert 'tests' in Mexico with a stock seat and belt. (we had to take out the restrictor plate to let the green dragon breathe a little more, she's not exactly street legal)  Once we're happy with the performance and have proven she's road worthy we'll move on to getting her chump ready with all the necessary safety additions.

Hopefully more to come in the near future.....


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