Sunday, May 26, 2013

Progress Update

The roll cage is our current object of obsession affection.  You can see some photos below.  We bought a cage kit, but that just means the tubes are pre-bent.  Many still have to be cut to length, notched, and fitted.  It's a time consuming process.  There are 6 base plates.  Four and a half of them have been welded in.  I'd say about 75% of it is done.

Main hoop under construction, supported by Eric's only workbench (seriously)

An issue with the alternator and wiring was fixed, so the charging system is now operational.

The radiator fan has been mounted and wired.  It still needs to be wired to a switch and mounted inside.

Brake pads were ordered and arrived.  New, better caliper spacers were fabricated.  All this should be installed sometime this week.

Tow loops were installed.

Lights were ordered.

Fuel jugs were ordered.

Steering column lock was disabled.

Differential and tranny fluids were upgraded to synthetic.

OEM aribox was reinstalled, but needed a custom bracket (long story).

A 3rd brake light was installed.  But fell off...(?)

Fire extinguisher bracket was ordered, I just gotta find it.

Looking forward through the hatch - x-bar welded in

A close-up of our mad welding talent

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