Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting Closer

Okay, let's go through the list...

Wiring - Most of this is finished.  Temperature gauge and speedometer are now working.  Switch panel is installed, with switches (including fan) mounted.  Kill switch was installed but needs to be wired.

Harness brackets were installed.  Harnesses were installed, but seat isn't yet mounted.  Window net brackets are done.

Inside rear view mirror done.

Race pads were installed, and we finished bleeding with fresh high-temp fluid.

Tires were mounted and balanced.  Alignment was done.

Holes (I think all?) in firewall were sealed off.

Roll cage is finished.  Padding was installed, but we may still need to zip tie pads to tubes.

Fire extinguisher installed.

Coolsuit cooler and tubing installed.  Needs some wiring.

Camera wiring needs to be done.

T-top panels were installed.

Steering column was spaced down a bit, and hub installed for quick-release steering wheel.

Exhaust system was modified (again) to comply with rules.

Coolant was drained and replaced with water.

I think we still need some work on the communications system.

We drew names for driving order.  Should be:
1) Eric
2) Travis
3) Duncan
4) Jason
5) Brad

We have been really lucky to land three sponsors for this race.  Husqvarna, a company that makes premium outdoor power equipment, has been incredibly generous.  A local repair shop ASI-Auto Solutions was nice enough to let us use their equipment to align the car and mount and balance the tires.  And NCXGraphics did all our vinyl decals for us.  Having sponsors like this make things go much more smoothly.

So given that we have a major sponsor like Husqvarna, we will have a very special theme.  Don't want to let the cat out of the bag yet, but here's a teaser pic of the car

The Chump Z31 gets prettied up

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