Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Thank you for visiting Zip6Racing.

Why "zip6"?
Zip = the number of times we expect to drive a perfect race
6 = the number of cylinders we gotz
as an added bonus:
Z = our car

The team is composed of eight great-looking and incredibly talented guys.  It's probably best that our last names never be mentioned since we are about to get stupid on the internet, but here we are:
and yours truly - Brad
Hopefully a few other guys will show up and offer sage advice and gawk at our massive speed.  I'm especially hoping Bill will help at a few races because a) somebody has to keep the cooler from blowing away, b) that way I won't be the oldest one there.

Our team has cemented our place in the annals of history today by purchasing our race car.  We got it for the princely sum of $500.
Tha New Studcruiser

It is a Z car.  Z cars are way too cool to be $500.  There is a certain amount of photographic evidence that Sam had to ah do some weird things to get the car this cheap.

Sam, tied to a tree and trying not to cry
 Thanks, man, for taking one for the team.

We plan to race the Z in ChumpCar World Series.  We want our first race to be in Dec 2012.  We have a lot of work to do before then, and also a lot of beer to drink.

A bunch of us may post here to keep this thing updated.  Or maybe not.  Maybe you'll get lucky.

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