Thursday, May 3, 2012

Work Day #1

Let's see here, what did we get done on our first work day?  We pulled the horribly old, dry-rotted tires/wheels off.  We changed the oil and filter.  We determined the last time any lubricant was in the valve covers, Carter was president.  We ensured no bugs were stuck to the air filterless MAF.  We started her up and made sure the valve cover gasket leaked enough oil to form a james bond smokescreen.

Travis, Duncan, Grayson, Sam, Nic - the 5 best looking of our 8 person crew
As you can see from the photo above, a tiny amount of beer was consumed to make sure we didn't panic when we found the black widow spiders.

Travis: hey ya'll, them wires don't look factory, anybody worried?
The master technician who saved our beast from the clutches of the scrapyard did a mighty fine job repairing the wiring hacks and getting it running.  It revs (almost) and belches like an old dog.  Also, there was a screeching noise coming from the front.  Duncan was in the process of spraying all the moving parts up there with some WD40 and/or windex when he caught his whiskers and nearly got whisked away like Mary Poppins.

Yearning for wheel-to-wheel inasniteee
She has nearly shiny paint, the odor of a fine racing heritage, and a stance that says "160 hp of fury."

I have another photo I took through the open hatch, but I have apparently managed to break blogger's upload tool.  Plus, it shows a little rust and we're shy about the very few imperfections this beauty has.

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