Monday, June 4, 2012


I tried mightily to push update duties off on Sam and Jason.  But here we are, no updates.  So I'll throw something together.

Parts car was purchased.

Front suspension is torn apart.  Most of the stuff we need for front brake rebuild/upgrade has been ordered.  We are in hot pursuit of some wheels, and will then buy some tires.

Engine was removed and partially torn down.  Bad oil leak was fixed.  Bunch of semi-common maintenance and repair work was done.  Fuel injectors were checked and cleaned.  Some ummmm wacky green paint was sprayed here and there.  Engine will will probably go back in soon, with a little help from the wiring harness from the parts car.

Interior has been partially stripped.  Some boys from NCSU lasso'd the driver's seat and yanked it out with a big pickup truck.  I have no explanation, let's just leave it alone.  There's more rust in the floorboards than we like, so some patches are in process.  All carpeting and interior panels from the dash back were removed.  Driver's door glass, window motor, and interior door shell removed.

We are hoping to have it autox ready within another 5-6 wks, at which time we will unleash the Zip6 team on some hapless course of cones.

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