Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Fat Lady Sings

I borrowed a set of LongAcre cornerweight scales and went to weigh the unmodified Z.  Nic and Grayson were gone for the weekend, and nobody else showed up to help me except for Max.  Max's initial observations of Mr. Nic's garage:
1) Wow that's messy daddy.  Are there spiders in there?
2) Mr. Nic drinks out of Wolfpack cups? (One rolled out of the garage when I opened the door)
Max thinks all it needs is a good driver
Maybe I'm spoiled, but I'm used to having at least the bare minimum tools around.  Mr. Nic appears to be missing metric tools, which those smart Japanese didn't think of back in 1987.  I managed to find an oversized SAE socket that I could use to get the 8 lugnuts on with, but no ratchet or adapter that would fit it.  So, like a real tough guy, I used my hands.  And got a blister.  This ain't spreadsheets, yo.
Blister #1 Brad suffers for the Z car cause
The flat tires made it hard to get the correct chassis height or weight distribution.  I was not able to tweak the front/rear height to get a calculated CG.
LongAcre scales setup
 2926 lbs total, with 1548 front and 1378 rear.  That's 52% on the front, but the RF tire was completely flat, so let's ignore the distribution for now.
My prediction - the 1st 200 lbs will come off easily.  The next 200 lbs will be difficult.  The 200 lbs after that... very painful.

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